Big Gear Girls

The Big Gear Girls was assembled as an extension of my group fitness club in Eagan MN called The Studio.​

At The Studio we do a lot of training and working out indoors. I was really passionate about encouraging women to take their newfound skills and confidence to the STREETS so we slowly started moving indoor cyclists to the roads (to teach them how to ride outside) then we started signing up do fun events, like RAGBRAI (a week long ride across Iowa).

This craze continued with runs and muck fests then at the end of last year a group of AMAZING women tackled their FIRST TRI!

I was BLOWN away by their tenacity, spirit and dedication.  I was so inspired I started training and completed a few TRI’s with them this summer.

We typically attend events in LARGE groups and always generate a lot of interest because of our SKULL SWAG and our name “BIG GEAR GIRLS” –

This year we decided to grow this crazy club and invite more to join us.

Now it’s up to you…. Are YOU ALL IN?

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