Funkier Bike is synonymous with design and manufacture of innovative, high-quality biking apparel for men and women. The professional experience and knowledge of the Funkier fashion chain, established in 1990, are translated directly into the biking apparel manufactured by its subsidiary, Funkier Bike. The advantages of a company that specializes in biking and is nourished by a fashion manufacturer are reflected in the result: a new generation of biking apparel – the trendiest and most comfortable biking clothes around

Among Funkier Bike customers are leading global bicycle and biking gear companies. Furthermore, it has an ongoing discourse with internationally renowned professional biking teams whose bikers wear Funkier Bike. Their advice and feedback assist the company in designing and manufacturing its optimal biking apparel.

The clothes – Quality, Comfort and Style on wheels!

Funkier Bike’s cycling apparel includes professional elements from the world of fashion – they look good and feel fantastic. The ultimate biking clothes are manufactured using advanced technologies and perspiration evaporating materials that enable air to enter and leave in both directions. The use of different types of textile provides a pleasant, unrestricted ride in all weather conditions, and enables bikers to enjoy warm winter clothing and cool summer apparel. Just like other clothes manufactured by its mother company, Funkier Bike clothes are characterized by high quality textiles and sewing. Investment in product quality entails attention to the smallest of details without compromising even a zipper or label that may disrupt the ride – everything is adapted to providing the ultimate biking experience.

Please contact us if you are:

A rider looking to upgrade his or hers cycling apparel interested in purchasing high quality biking apparel from our collection under the Funkier Bike brand.

A manufacturer of bikes, parts and accessories, interested in a supply of high quality biking apparel :

A biking apparel store/dealership owner interested in purchasing high quality biking apparel from our collection under the Funkier Bike brand. Also optional with brand names of your choice. See CUSTOM page for details.

A cycling team manager or member, interested in special custom design of high-quality apparel manufactured using advanced technologies and supplied at attractive prices. See CUSTOM page for details.

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