Lift Cyclewear

“So, what is Lift?”  We hear this question a lot, so we decided to break it down.  For us, Lift describes a simultaneous feeling of both momentum and weightlessness.  

As novice cyclists, it’s an aspirational sensation that we only achieve when the conditions are right.  It usually happens on a smooth, flat road with no stops.  Our bodies are warm, the endorphins release, and we settle into the bike at ~19 mph.  Like a surfer catching a barrel, or a yogi reaching a state of zen, it’s a feeling of bliss.

The problem we were having was that, despite how much we tried, we just couldn’t relate with the traditional cycling kit.  Each time we suited up it created a disconnect between our fashion style, our lifestyle, and the spirit we were riding for.  So, we decided to design a line of performance cycling apparel that transitions from breakfast to brunch without breaking a sweat.  

Please let us know how we’re doing, or let us know if there’s something you’re looking for but can’t find.  It’s important to us!  Like we say in our90-DAY GET FIT GUARANTEE™, looking good means feeling great, and sporting some new activewear can give you just the boost of confidence you need to reach your goals and be your best.  #byb

Lea and Brian

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