Rassmussen Bike Shop

Rasmussen Bike Shop has been your family shop for over 35 years. The shop was founded in 1974 as Clark Rasmussen & Sons Bike Shop located at 735 Railroad Avenue in West Des Moines, Iowa (from 1974-1989).

The store was taken over by Greg (one of the sons) and moved to 840 1st Street in 1990. The store moved once again in 2000 to its present location at 301 Grand Ave.

We pride ourselves on our excellent service and wide range of riders we help, from the little ones getting their first BMX bike all the way to the triathletes who want to improve their performance times.

We feel like we are a shop where the entire family, regardless of skill level, can buy a bike, and we don’t plan on changing.

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301 Grand Avenue
West Des Moines, IA 50265 



Booth Number: 123 & 124