Q7 Cycling

Here at Q7, we believe that if passion, quality and hard work go into an endeavor, the outcome will be rewarding. In 2007 Iowa Citians Tom and Wanda Berg founded the Johnson County Trail Foundation, a non-profit that helps raise funds for the local bike trail system. Passionate about cycling, bicycle advocacy and trail development, […]

Moxie Cycling Co.

Cycling jerseys by, and for, women. Moxie Cycling Company was born out of a need we identified in the marketplace. Since 2009, we have participated in RAGBRAI, the oldest and largest cycling touring event spanning 450 miles over seven days. In our inaugural year, we learned (the hard way) that seemingly simple cycling apparel has […]

Lift Cyclewear

“So, what is Lift?”  We hear this question a lot, so we decided to break it down.  For us, Lift describes a simultaneous feeling of both momentum and weightlessness.   As novice cyclists, it’s an aspirational sensation that we only achieve when the conditions are right.  It usually happens on a smooth, flat road with no stops.  Our bodies are warm, […]


Funkier Bike is synonymous with design and manufacture of innovative, high-quality biking apparel for men and women. The professional experience and knowledge of the Funkier fashion chain, established in 1990, are translated directly into the biking apparel manufactured by its subsidiary, Funkier Bike. The advantages of a company that specializes in biking and is nourished […]